About publishing house

The «Economic Education» publishing house was established on August  27, 1991 under order 396a of the USSR State Committee on Public Education as directed by the USSR State Committee on Publishing to provide course books to students and to publish scholarly literatur edisclosing the research results of higher education institutions.
The publishing house until June 2007 was a state-owned company, and then was transformed into a Closed Joint-Stock Company «Economic Education Publishing House». About 100 titles of course books, courseware and scholarly literature are published annually mainly for students and post-graduates of extramural training in Russia. Monographs and collections of learned works are published every quarter.
Authors of the publishing house in clude such prominents cientists as Academicians RAS G.V. Osipov and V.S Stepin, Corresponding Members RAS Rimshevskaya N.M. and Ryazantsev S.V., Professors Adamchuk V.V., Beloborodova V.A., Drobozina L.A., Zhukov E.F., Novodvorsky V.D., Simchera V.M., Podolskiy V.A, Khodorovish M.I., Fookin V.A. and many others.
The publishing house was awarded a «Business Book of Russia» diploma in 1996 for its contribution into the development of contemporary literature on economics.
Rayskaya Elena Victorovna is the Director and the Editor-in-Chief of the publishing house since its creation.
Today, following longstanding traditions the publishing house issues course books and scientific literature and is the founder of three scientific journals «Scientific Review. Series 1. EconomicsandLaw», «ScientificReview. Series 2. Human sciences», «Today and Tomorrow of Russian Economy». All these publications are to promote the research of leading scientists and experts and young scholars.
The publishing house has its own printing facilities using German and Swiss equipment. Inadditiontobooks, journalsandbookletsthe printing shop also makes high-quality promotion materials. One of our customers is a large Japanese company «UNIC-SANTECH».