How to publish at article in a journal?

Key requirements
An article should contain 16,000- 40,000 characters (from 0.4 to 1 printed sheet). One printed sheet has 40 thousand characters with spaces, if illustrations, charts and tables are included – 22 pages A4 format with 1.5 interline interval, regular margins and font size 14.
Articles are usually published within 3-4 months after the submission of the text.
Earlier publication is possible upon the consent of the editorial board.
Additional information can be obtained by phone:
8(499)196-54-64; +7(916)622-41-66.

First author publication:
1) Write an article.
2) Verify the format of your article (against the guidelines given on our site at «Requirements to the content and format of scientific articles» page).
3) Include the author’s CV, abstract and text as one file.
4) Send your article with the enclosed review recommending the publication to e-mail: rayskaya.ev@yandex.ru or info@eoizdat.ru and wait for an answer that should be sent to you within 2-3 days.

If you are after an urgent publication – call the editorial board first!

How to format and submit your manuscript?
If you are about to write an article – please read our recommendations first. They reflect years of analysis of submitted manuscripts. Following our recommendations will help you to write an article acceptable to nearly all scientific journal. These are just general requirements applicable by any editorial board:
1) All manuscripts pass the plagiarism check (matching content from open sources) with the AntiPlagiat.ru software. Manuscripts with 10-15% of the matching content will not be published. Please, send us a screenshot for that verification. You can also check the «originality» of your work with AntiPlagiat.ru.
2) Earlier published works or works submitted for publication elsewhere are not accepted.
3) Write an abstract. This should be a short (100-250 words) text giving a gist of your work.
Please, remember that compliance to those rather simple requirements will significantly facilitate the handling of your manuscript and improve your image in any editorial board.

Formatting of your manuscript
Guidelines given on our site at «Requirements to the content and format of scientific articles» page

Author’s CV:

  • Surname, Name, Patronymics Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich
  • Personal info Position, Company or Educational Institution, Academic Rank (if any)
  • Postal address
  • Contact phone and fax (with the city code)а)
  • e-mail
  • Preferred month of publication

Please, fill author’s CV and put it to the first page of file containing your manuscript.
Formatting of the text is not of great importance, but try to keep is as simple as possible to facilitate the task for layout designers.
The text should be made in MSWord, illustrations, charts and any other graphics should be enclosed as individual files in the original format and JPG format.
So the file should contain:
1) Author’s CV,
2) Abstract,
3) Title,
4) Text,
5) References.
The file name should be made of the author’s name and title of the article.

How to submit?
Send your file with the author’s CV to: info@eoizdat.ru.
In the «Topic» field of your message, please, write «For publication in «Scientific Review. Series 1. Economy and Law», «Scientific Review. Series 2. Human sciences» or «Today and Tomorrow of Russian Economy». You should get a receipt acknowledgement within 2 days. Should you have not received it within the above mentioned time – call us.
The receipt acknowledgement message should also indicate the deadline for peer-review (within 8 weeks). When the review is over the editor shall send you a letter stating wherever your article was accepted for publication. If, for any reasons, you haven’t got any answer – call us.

We wish you success in your research and further achievements and hope to maintain our fruitful cooperation!
We’ve tried to explain to you all aspects of a publication process. Should you have any further questions – call us 8(499) 196-54-64