TO AUTHORS of books

Dear potential authors who have already sent or plan to send us a publication request!

Sometimes we are unable to respond in due time because your requests are incomplete or unclear which complicates our work and doesn’t allow to make fast and objective decision.
Please, do send us your request in the following format:
Surname, name, patronymics;
Place of work;
Academic rank (if any);
Number and topics of earlier published works;
Extended abstract of the work indicating the potential readership;
Complete index
A hard copy of 2-3 pages of your text (to understand the number of characters per page);
Total number of pages and number of illustrations, tables and charts;
Requirements to book design (format, colors, paper quality, flexible or hard binding)
Financial terms of publishing – at your own cost, at funds of your sponsor or with a royalty payment (usually % of sales proceeds).
Detailed information on publication terms can be obtained with a request addressed to Director General (Editor-in-Chief) Rayskaya Elena Victorovna send to e-mail or by phone: 8(499)196-54-64.